03 May 2024

Empowering Farmers: A seat at the table to navigate the renewable energy transition

There’s a seismic shift happening across rural Australia as the renewable energy transition takes hold, and the opportunities and risks are some of the biggest we’ll see in our

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21 July 2023

The Land: New deal gives Elders’ clients access to expert help with RELA

  New deal gives Elders’ clients access to expert help to negotiate with

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03 July 2023

Power Together: The Vital Role of Community Engagement

As Australia steers towards a sustainable and greener energy future, community engagement

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03 July 2023

How Wind Energy is Blowing Away Australia’s Electricity Generation Game

Australia is no stranger to the power of wind. As a continent surrounded by oceans, it is

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22 March 2023

Farm Online: Farmers taking yearly payments as one upfront sum

  Landowners are taking their cash windfall from a renewable energy project and

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15 March 2023

As bank credit tightens, RELA offers the solution…

RELA’s prepayments have increased compared to 12 months ago because today’s

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01 March 2023

Shining Bright: How Solar Farms Light up Our Future

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular source of electricity for households and

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28 February 2023

The Land: New platform connects landowners with renewable energy developers

  A fast-growing Australian venture is enabling farmers to use their land to access

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23 February 2023

Harvesting Sunshine and Crops: The Rise of Agrovoltaics in Australia

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in Australia, with

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