RELA Connect

Matching landowners to the right developer through a transparent & structured process.

  • For Landowners
  • For Developers


The transition to renewable energy presents landowners with significant opportunities. However, access to the market is fragmented and not transparent, making it hard to find the right developer and deal.


RELA Connect is a market platform connecting vetted land parcels and committed landowners, with developers to express interest and bid in a structured, transparent and competitive process.


Partner with the right developer

RELA brings together a panel of developers within a structured and transparent framework to find the right developer for you and your land.

Achieve best in market

RELA Connect’s competitive process amongst developers ensures you get the best commercial and legal terms in the market.

Protect your land

RELA Connect allows you to establish the terms required to safeguard your land throughout project development and operation, protecting farming integrity for future generations.


RELA ensures you have a seat at the table, resulting in transparency throughout the deal making process. By facilitating transparent and competitive bidding, RELA maximises value for landowners. RELA’s products and services provide you with everything you need to go-to-market, and find the right developer and deal.


Finding and engaging landowners for renewable energy leases is time consuming and intensive, and the fragmented deal-by-deal nature means developers do not have an overview of the overall market.


RELA Connect provides you with access to motivated landowners with vetted land for renewable energy, creating access to an efficient and scaled market for land.


Landowner group coordination

RELA brings willing and motivated landowners with viable land to your development pipeline.

Productive landowner engagement

RELA helps create productive landowner engagement with two–way learning, resulting in fair and equitable deals with landowners.

Curated land parcels

RELA Connect provides access to a curated selection of land parcels, giving you full transparency of available opportunities, allowing you to bid with confidence and efficiency.


RELA Connect simplifies the process of finding suitable land, linking you with motivated landowners across a curated selection of vetted land parcels. By facilitating transparent opportunities, RELA enhances developer pipelines and facilitates productive engagement between developers and landowners on a holistic portfolio basis.