RELA Assess

Gain comprehensive insight into your land's renewable energy potential with RELA Assess.

  • For Landowners
  • For Developers


Assessing the true value of your land in the context of a renewable energy project can be a daunting task, often hindered by complexity and lack of transparency. Without clear insights into the potential of your land, you will miss out on any opportunities it may offer.


RELA provides you with an independent, accurate and transparent analysis of the value of your land to a renewable energy developer. With this information you can confidently explore renewable energy opportunities.


Instant Land Viability Assessment

Get an independent, accurate analysis of your land’s renewable energy potential.

Harness RELA's Tech Power

Tap into RELA’s sophisticated algorithms analysing crucial data for your land’s evaluation.

Market-Ready Guidance

Access all necessary information and expert advice to propel your land into the renewables market through RELA Connect.


By utilising RELA Assess, landowners gain invaluable clarity regarding the renewable energy potential of their land. With sophisticated analysis and deep insights, you are empowered to make informed decisions and confidently explore opportunities within the renewable energy market. This enables you to unlock the full potential of your land assets and actively contribute to sustainable energy development.


Preliminary due diligence on multiple sites is time consuming and resource intensive.


RELA provides developers with comprehensive, accurate, and transparent land assessments, expediting preliminary due diligence.


Time Efficiency

Bypass the lengthy process of initial site evaluations.

Reduced Costs

Minimise the resources spent on preliminary analyses and due diligence.

Confidence in Decision Making

Armed with our detailed reports, you can make informed decisions.


RELA Assess allows you to quickly assess a variety of land opportunities allowing you to efficiently allocate resources.