Bringing Land to the
Centre of Clean Energy

RELA’s mission is to accelerate and optimise the transition to renewable energy by creating an end-to-end marketplace for renewable energy land.

RELA Assess

Estimate the viability and market pricing of your land for renewable energy projects.


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RELA Connect

Matching landowners to the right developer through a transparent & structured process.


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RELA Transact

An efficient process to securing fair and equitable land agreements.


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RELA Prepay

Access liquidity in your lease, diversifying and de-risking your wealth.


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What our client's say

It was a great experience. Communication was clear and timely, any matters requiring resolution were dealt with equitably and decisively. The RELA team did what they said they would do throughout the process and we received our cash up front as promised. It really was a pleasure!”


- Colin Sussman, Twynam CFO

The opportunity to unlock a large amount of capital was a no brainer. Rising interest rates equates to rising debt repayments and falling asset prices, and with no end in sight to increasing rates, the RELA lease prepayment gives us the flexibility to navigate the challenges and buy new land as opportunities arise.”


- Belinda Saal, Landowner, Yarranlea Solar Farm

Landowners are key stakeholders in all of our projects. RELA was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, as the organisation is focused on creating fair and positive results for both landowners and developers.”


Archie Chen, CEO Risen Energy

The transaction exceeded Genex’s expectations. We enjoyed working with RELA and are pleased we could offer the landowner the additional benefits of receiving prepayment of the lease agreement, without prejudicing Genex or our financiers in any way.”

Simon Kidston, Chairman Genex