RELA Prepayment

As a landowner, you now have the option to receive an upfront prepayment of your renewable energy ground lease, securing a future that can be built on your terms.

Find out how RELA Prepayment works

Input your lease particulars to the Calculator to receive an indicative RELA Advantage prepayment offer (or send us an email or call us).

We then come to meet you, review your lease, and make a written RELA Advantage prepayment offer.

If you accept, we send our documentation to your lawyers to finalise.

You get your money upfront, we receive future lease payments and take future project risk, you keep your land.

Find out how RELA Advantage can work for you

Developer as landowner
RELA Advantage provides liquidity to developer landowners through prepayment of the renewable energy lease. This gives developers access to significant capital for its project pipeline which unlike debt does not require repayments or sit as a debt liability on your balance sheet.

Developer as tenant
RELA Advantage lease prepayments give landowners an immediate and substantial upfront cash payment. Developers can now offer landlords more attractive terms at no cost or imposition to the developer.

This is what our clients say

It was a great experience. Communication was clear and timely, any matters requiring resolution were dealt with equitably and decisively. The RELA team did what they said they would do throughout the process and we received our cash up front as promised. It really was a pleasure!

- Colin Sussman, Twynam CFO

Looking back on the [Jemalong Solar] transaction, we can comfortably say that this process far exceeded Genex’s expectations in terms of ease and efficiency.

- Simon Kidston, Genex Chairman
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