As bank credit tightens, RELA offers the solution…

RELA’s prepayments have increased compared to 12 months ago because today’s higher inflation rate and forecast (CPI) are fully priced into RELA’s prepaid rent calculations. This is at a time when banks have sharply reduced the credit available to landowners in response to much higher interest rates which make servicing debt much more difficult.

RELA offers landowners with a renewable energy lease on their land the option to receive an upfront lump sum prepayment of their rent, without selling their land. A RELA prepayment offers an alternative source of funds for landowners who want to pay down debt, invest in their business, or buy more land.

RELA’s prepayment is not debt and it does not need to be repaid if the renewable energy tenant stops paying the rent, so it gives landowners a peace of mind that is not possible with traditional debt. RELA also assists landowners who don’t yet have a renewable energy lease on their land.

RELA guides landowners through their renewable energy journey from an initial feasibility through to a marketplace for landowners with viable land to connect with developers. The end result is a fast and fair outcome for all parties and a large upfront lump sum cash payment for the landowner.

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